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Case Studies
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Green Marketing Case Studies

There’s a reason why so many of our clients stick with us long term. We’re determined to deliver the highest quality of work and incredible results for everyone we work with. It lies in our creative approach and process. Every brand has its own remarkable story; we’re proud to share them with you. Take look through our powerful portfolio of client success stories.

As a Green Marketing Agency, we offer these services:

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Eco-Friendly Printing

  • Web Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Media
  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Photography

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Youtube Marketing
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Regional Recycling
Branding, Marketing, Web, Social Media

With 8 locations across the Lower Mainland, Regional Recycling was a strongly rooted business when we first met. The problem they had was not knowing how to market their services in a way that spoke to their market, and a lack of staying in touch with the community.

Each location has an impressive list of materials they can recycle, but couldn’t find a way to distribute this information amongst the public. We knew their business depended on a visible, dynamic relationship with their consumers, and as the demand for sustainable services rose alongside the growth of the green movement, it was critical that Regional Recycling’s corporate identity reflected the changing times.

We are proud of our newly-updated connection with the community.
— Regional Recycling
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Regional Recycling Case Study

Kelowna Mountain
Branding, Print, Web

In 2003, the Okanagan Mountain Park fire burned over 640 acres of Kelowna’s Upper Mission, destroying 90% of the trees and leaving a blackened wasteland behind. The Consiglio family purchased the land with a vision to restore its health and return its spectacular views, recreational terrain, and arable soils to the community. Piece by piece, they turned the acreage into an amenity-based park, including a picturesque golf course, ski hill, winery, mountain bike trails, and a series of suspension bridges. When it came to telling their story, they knew such a feat would require equally monumental branding and marketing – and that’s when they came to us.

It has been a real pleasure working with Green Marketing. Their team has true talent, and we highly recommend them to any business that is looking for cutting-edge branding and web design!
— Consiglio Group
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Kelowna Mountain Case Study

Vitae Juice
Branding, Packaging, Photography, Print, Web

Our task was to come up with a new and exciting way to promote their product through strong branding and visual components that get your mouth watering for their wonderful juice.

After directing their first product photo shoot with the new clean-look labels, we made use of their stunning new imagery and simplified the navigation of the website to improve the experience for the customer. Filling it to bursting with tasty images, bright, fresh colours and real photos of the product, we transformed their website into an exceptional marketing tool.

With no additives and no heat introduced in our cold-pressed & unpasteurized process, every one of our wholesome, natural ingredients are kept at their freshest from press to purchase.
— Vitae Team
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Green Marketing Case Studies

The Old Spaghetti Factory
Advertising, Branding, Print, Web

It wasn’t easy being the first promoters of something as new and abstract as websites and online marketing, but when we first contacted The Old Spaghetti Factory, we gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: we would build them a website for free, and they could take it or leave it as they pleased. They agreed, and we worked around the clock to develop an immaculate design. Back then, in the days of HTML, every detail had to be coded piece by piece, so the project involved a lot of scrupulous programming. Our hard work paid off, however – when we presented the final product, they loved it, and from there a long, mutually rewarding client relationship grew.

These recent updates have dramatically boosted sales and improved our customer experience. Thank you, Green Marketing!
— Old Spaghetti Factory
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Old Spaghetti Factory Advertising Case Study

Latin American Film Festival
Advertising, Branding, Print, Web

It was VLAFF’s ambition to become the most anticipated film festival in Vancouver – a bold undertaking that would require a completely new brand strategy. In 2006, they approached us in search of a way to gain recognition as a reputably unique organization amongst international film festivals. But where to begin? Right off the bat, we could see that clearly defining VLAFF’s core values was essential to designing a truly authentic brand experience. The organization of story-tellers needed a brand that could deliver their own story with unforgettable, full-impact precision.

Clearly defining VLAFF’s core values was essential to creating a truly authentic brand experience – and Green Marketing delivered with flying colours!
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Latin American Film Festival Marketing Case Study

Quimo Basicos
Advertising, Branding, Print, Web

What began as a simple Google search turned into a highly successful branding experience when Mexico-based Quimobásicos found our agency and enlisted our creative services. It was our Latin-American affiliations – clients, events, personal backgrounds, etc – that first caught their attention, but it was our proven marketing and design strategies that sealed the deal. The company needed to amp up their advertising efforts and revamp their overall brand experience to promote their progressive green initiatives to a wider range of consumers. Evincing a powerful corporate image was critical to future growth.

Evincing a powerful corporate image was critical to future growth
— Quimobasicos
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Quimobasicos Branding Case Study

Green Marketing Case Studies