In 2003, the Okanagan Mountain Park fire burned over 640 acres of Kelowna’s Upper Mission, destroying 90% of the trees and leaving a blackened wasteland behind. The Consiglio family purchased the land with a vision to restore its health and return its spectacular views, recreational terrain, and arable soils to the community. Piece by piece, they turned the acreage into an amenity-based park, including a picturesque golf course, ski hill, winery, mountain bike trails, and a series of suspension bridges. When it came to telling their story, they knew such a feat would require equally monumental branding and marketing – and that’s when they came to us.

Kelowna Mountain’s mission is to increase tourism, job opportunities, recreation amenities, and agriculture – and with these we aligned our marketing objectives. We fully engaged all of their marketing, print, and web needs, including a brand new website. Simple and visually-driven, the site effectively promotes their community focus, and can be easily updated through the custom-designed, easy-to-manage CMS system.

Today, Kelowna Mountain is well-reputed as the region’s biggest and boldest recreation destination – a “Community in Waiting”, home to the longest network of suspension bridges in the world and the newest family-style ski hill in 25 years. In addition, they have a branding and marketing strategy that can accommodate updates and future growth as they continue building their community. With a clearly-communicated mission, Kelowna Mountain can attract the support and interest they need to fully realize their family’s vision.

It has been a real pleasure working with Green Marketing. Their team has true talent, and we highly recommend them to any business that is looking for cutting-edge branding and web design!
— Consiglio Group

Kelowna Mountain Case Study

Green Marketing Case Study

Kelowna Mountain Case Study

Kelowna Mountain Case Study

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Green Web Design Case Study

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Kelowna Mountain Case Study

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