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Old Spaghetti Factory Case Study

CHALLENGE: Timeless brand integrity expressed through evolving forms of marketing media. SOLUTION: Close client relationship responsive to current trends and growing development. RESULT: Superior web and print marketing that's both authentic and effective. It wasn’t...

Quimo Basicos Case Study

CHALLENGE: Promoting a green-centric brand to a wider range of consumers. SOLUTION: Media that wows on every level, from logo design to web development. RESULT: Widespread recognition for progressive eco initiatives and corporate sustainability. What began as a simple...

Kelowna Mountain Case Study

In 2003, the Okanagan Mountain Park fire burned over 640 acres of Kelowna’s Upper Mission, destroying 90% of the trees and leaving a blackened wasteland behind. The Consiglio family purchased the land with a vision to restore its health and return its spectacular...

Vitae Juice Case Study

CLIENT: Vitae Juice CHALLENGE: Visually execute a brand that expresses the delicious taste of their product. SOLUTION: A fresh and exciting re-brand featuring product photos and more free-flowing, friendly visual components. RESULT: A strong and inviting brand you can...

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