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In our digital age, traditional methods of advertising are now irrelevant. Business directories like the yellow pages, tv ads, and print advertising were once the main advertising tools. Today the internet, search engines, social media, and Youtube have taken over.

At the center of an online marketing strategy is your website. The hub of your entire online presence, your storefront to the digital world. But… your busy running your business. You don’t have time to learn all these new marketing tactics and worry about the technical stuff. 

Let us take the guesswork out of marketing and building your website. We offer a range of full service marketing packages to help you boost your brand online. 

Has your business failed to keep up with the digital world? Do you need help with your website? Fill out our application form to get started today! 


Why Do I need a website?

In today’s social media driven world do you still need a website and blog? Yes. Your website is the only piece of real estate on the internet that you actually own.

Did you know that 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website. In the digital age your website is your #1 marketing asset. Don’t base your entire business on someone else’s platform or you could risk losing your entire business.

Do you still need to use social media. Of course. But your home base should belong to you so nobody can take it away from you.

Unfortunately, just having a pretty website is NOT enough. Customers expect a lot when they visit your website: a professional mobile-responsive design, helpful valuable content and an easy way to take action. We do what it takes to help you grow your business on the web. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a marketing strategy that is focused on growing your visibility through improving your organic search results in places such as Google and Bing.

SEO combines both technical and creative elements together to drive traffic traffic to your website.

There are many aspects to SEO: Keyword research, content writing, off page SEO tactics, link building and marketing the unique value of your site. If you are confused about this stuff, you are not alone. Let the experts take care of it for you.

WordPress Web Design Portfolio

Check Out Some Of Our Past Works.

web design agency vancouver

Regional Recycling

Whistler | Abbotsford | Nanaimo | Cloverdale

website design vancouver

Graphics DPI

Created with Kihada Advertising

web designer Vancouver


Richmond BC

web design vancouver


Vancouver Island

website design vancouver

Zerowaste Products

Port Moody BC

web developer

Kihada Advertising

Created With Kihada Advertising
web design vancouver

You're Beautiful

Created With Kihada Advertising
web designer Vancouver

Web Toolbox Pro

Made with Python, Flask, Javascript

web designer Vancouver

Local Gigs Vancouver

Job board website created with PHP Laravel

web design vancouver

Cannabis Plus

Kamloops BC Canada

website design vancouver

Karasin Group

Created With Kihada Advertising
web designer Vancouver

Reach Development

Delta BC Canada

Web Development / Web PROGRAMMING

Check Out Some Of Our Past Works.

web designer Vancouver

Web Toolbox

Python, Flask, Javascript

web design vancouver

Cannabis Plus API Connection

Products are downloaded everyday from the point of sales API to keep the menu up to date. It only makes 1 pull per day and stores the product information in the database to limit the number of pulls per day.

web designer Vancouver

Local Gigs Vancouver

Job board website created with PHP Laravel

web design agency vancouver


Made With Php & JavaScript

web designer Vancouver

Task Master

Made With React

web design agency vancouver

Asteroids Game

Made With JavaScript

web design agency vancouver

Pong Game

Made With JavaScript

web designer Vancouver

Published Author


Great eye for web design and understanding of technology. Nathan is always a pleasure to work with as his communication style is open and I’ve worked on multiple projects with him. Highly recommended.
Earl Flormata

The Evil Marketing Genius

We’ve been very satisfied with Nathan’s delivery every time we’ve used his services. Most recently he rebuilt our website to improve our SEO and created some new animations for us. His communication was excellent and the final product was right in line with what we were looking for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services, you’d be in good hands. 

Chris Vervaeke

Business Development and Project Manager, Terracana

Nathan has been a great asset to our organization at Refood Food Rescue Foundation and Vacation Assisted Living. He was able to bring his expertise on users and the changing landscape to drive more interest in our sites. If you are looking for a website developer Nathan and the Green Marketing team are a really great fit for our organization and very pleased with his work.
Danison Buan

Val In Bali & Refood

Nathan and his team produce high quality, professional work. He takes the time to understand not only his clients needs, but also their consumers. He creates assets that not only are aesthetically beautiful, but actually work from a marketing standpoint. I highly recommend working with his agency.

Iulia Tudor - CEO at Evolve X

It was a pleasure working with Nate on our client’s website and graphic elements. Nate’s graphics were spot on, and he was a wealth of information, providing great insight and suggestions. He was instrumental in helping to deliver an end product that exceeded our client’s expectations. Best web design in Vancouver!
Betty Hasker - My CEO

I recently had the pleasure of working with Nathan and found him to be very professional. One of the great things about Nathan is his commitment to excellence in his work. He is very creative and able to quickly interpret a project brief. I highly recommend Nathan, and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Trisch Lorren

The work that Nathan Ergang does as designer is first rate. He went above and beyond the call of duty for the project he committed to. I will be hiring Nathan again and I suggest that anyone who is looking for a web guy who can do it all, connect with Nathan.

Dr. Joe Kasper

I was definitely impressed with Nathans skills as a website developer. Our first project together turned out to be more challenging then expected but Nathan was able to figure out the issues and come up with a great solution. He took initiative and went beyond our initial scope of work to deliver a great website. We will definitely be using Nathan again and recommend him to others.
Isaac Navias - Localfy Digital Marketing

Nathan is always a pleasure to work with and always comes at projects and challenges with skill and creativity. Not only has he created a number of websites that include unique coding and development for us, but he has also created a number of wonderful explainer videos for our projects. I would recommend Nathan to any company looking for innovative marketing and web services.

Michelle Mahoney

Pookt Marketing Manager

Nathan and I met through a mutual contact who recommended his web design services. Once we connected directly it was a pleasure working with him. Despite never speaking or meeting Nathan in person (frankly his LinkedIn pic is the only time I've seen his face) he came through for us to get our website up and running for a fair price and on our schedule. Even though we were operating in different time zones and our communication was only via email and/or comments on our shared google doc everything was done efficiently and accurately to my requests.

All in all I want everyone to know that not only was I happy with Nathan's work, but I will also be using him again in the future.

Great job Nathan!

Thank you!

Aria Zahrabi - Chargocity

Nathan Ergang talents and competencies brought our new website to life! We are very pleased with the engaging appearance and ease of navigation as well as the insightful comments and suggestions Nate offered throughout the process. His excellent ideas were executed skillfully on an efficient timeline and he was unfailingly responsive to client input.
Alison Martin - Marketing Coordinator

Reach Child & Youth Development

Nathan helped me with the images for my dental office website. He was very professional and images were first class. Nathan was very knowledgeable in the field of marketing and he contributed fresh ideas to my project. I would highly recommend him for any promotional campaign.
Ray Chow


vancouver freelance web designer

Google Analytics

Gain Insights & Track Your Success.

You can only improve what you measure. We help you make sense of your website data. Track your success with Google Analytics insights. Turn visitor data into insights to improve your the performance of your marketing.

Wordpress Security

Website Security

Security is important for every website

If your site gets infected by malware your business can be black listed from google. A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business, revenue and reputation.

With WordPress there’s a lot of things we can do to improve your security. Let us worry about those details so you can get back to running your business.

Automatic Backups for your website

Automatic Backups

So we don’t loose all our hard work.

Automatic backups are your 1st defense against an online attack. Remember, nothing on the internet is 100% secure. If the American government and largest corporations on the planet can be hacked so can you. Backups allow you to restore your website back to normal quickly so we don’t loose all our hard work.

Responsive web design

Responsive Web Design

Optimized For Multi-Device Experiences

In today’s mobile driven world, people surf the internet on a wide range of devices. Ensure all visitors get a great experience on your website with a responsive design.

A responsive website adjusts to different screen sizes and resolutions. A mobile optimized website ranks higher in Google, making it easier to gain business.

Best Website Page Builder Divi

Divi Page Builder

A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder. $250 value.

Divi is a powerful theme and visual page builder that allows you to make changes to your website insanely fast.  It has forever changed the way we build websites.

With Divi, we can build you just about anything. It’s the most versatile theme we have ever worked with and the only theme we recommend to our customers. Don’t take the risk and waste your money on other buggy WordPress themes

Sustainable Hosting For Your Website

Sustainable Web Hosting

Have you thought about how your website impacts the environment?  Green web hosting leaves a positive energy footprint on by replacing 3 times the amount of energy the servers use with wind power. We work with eco-friendly hosting so that your web host matches your brand values.

Add On Services:

SEO Search Engine Optimization Vancouver

Traffic Building

With Real Measurable Results

Get the right customers in the door. Without website visitors or traffic, all the effort building your site would have gone to waste. A custom traffic building strategy is essential to growing your business and getting ahead of the competition.

Our marketing specialists know how to funnel the right traffic to your website. Whether it’s organic or paid traffic, we work within your budget to give you real measurable results. Let’s grow your business together.

copy writing services


Expressing Green Ideas With The Right Words

Get your brand’s words right. Sustainability is about change and your written content needs to help customers make the right choice. From keyword analysis to information structure, our curiosity and expertise help our writers prompt desired actions.

We get sustainability and our words know how to sell ideas. Leave the research, strategizing, and content writing to us. With professional quality web copy, you’ll never have to worry about delivering fresh content again.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The corner stone of your Search Engine Strategy

Keyword research is one of the highest return SEO activities you can do and it’s essential for your online marketing success. We start by building a huge list of keywords with the goal of finding you gold. Keywords with higher search volumes but an acceptable difficulty ranking.  Doing SEO without proper keyword research is like going into battle blind. It will not turn out well for you and your wallet. Don’t make this mistake.

Mangools Tools Partner

Best Keyword Research Tool For Your Website

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