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Creative & artistic photography comes naturally to us. Our photo shoots deliver sharp, professional imagery that captures the experience as well as the look. It takes an eye for detail to produce outstanding images. Our photos are worth so much more than a thousand words. We can make anything look exceptional. Hire a professional photographer today! 

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Nathan helps me to be me. Why do you want to take photos that capture the most beautiful moments in your life? To me, the answer is “so I can live in the moments over and over again.”

Nathan is very detail-oriented and organized. I love the fact that when you ask him “where should we go?” he would give you a list of the places according to your request. I have worked with several photographers in Canada and overseas, most of them do not have a detailed list and they give you suggestions based on their own perceptions.

I think his work ethics make him a truly professional photographer. Nathan is very adaptable to my needs. He is very dynamic too. It was exciting to shoot in luxury hotels! I enjoyed all the uncertain moments when he encouraged me to pose in places I never thought I could! He has a great eye for colors; I noticed that he often asked me to stand in different spot to get the best lightening. According to my past experiences, I understand how light affects the way we look, so following his lead was a great trust-building process! Plus he would often joke to make you laugh if you are nervous! This is important news for a model!

I really enjoy the whole experience with him! I love all the adventures in the city because they inspire me to be brave, open and simply embrace the person I am. As you can see, I am very comfortable with what I wear and where I pose, thanks to Nathan. Nathan, I am looking forward to discovering more sides of myself with you in the future!

Vivian He

Nathan is great and funny photographer, he’s good at catching your natural expression and retouching skills. It was great time.
Cora Xiaoting

Nathan helped me with the images for my dental office website. He was very professional and images were first class. Nathan was very knowledgeable in the field of marketing and he contributed fresh ideas to my project. I would highly recommend him for any promotional campaign.

Ray Chow

I asked him to catch “new me” moments. I think my request was difficult because we just met and he didn’t know anything about me. But he responded to it really well. Nathan is a great photographer. He can catch many different moments of you. He is defiantly the photographer you should work with.
Sena Jenny

Nathan was really friendly and took the time to get to know me. He made me feel comfortable before the camera even came out!
Tiana Birmingham

Working with Nathan was great, We’re very happy with the photos we received and the timing we got them in, he showed us a great way to capture emotion in each shot.
Jacob & Jess

Nathan was so much fun to work with! Being in front of a camera can be a bit nerve-racking, but Nathan put me at ease and really captured my personality. I’d love to work with Nathan again in the future.
Caroline Ramsay

A mutual friend of ours recommended I connect with Nate for a photo shoot. I needed some new photos for my social media accounts. He did an excellent job at capturing my personality! Thanks for all the great photos Nate!
Alistair Vigier

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