Dan Lok Copywriting Course – How to turn words into cash.

Most business owners don’t realize it … but the words you’re using in your marketing act as the gatekeepers to how much money flows in.

Use the wrong words in your marketing and it seems like sales and leads come in spurts or at best at a trickle … and you’re constantly in a state of hustling for business.

Use the right words in your marketing and you can have a fountain of sales and leads bursting forth overflowing your business with revenue and spilling over your bank accounts into your investments and net worth.

It’s the Biggest Business Mistake that’s Costing Entrepreneurs Thousands Perhaps Millions of Dollars in Lost Revenue

This is the biggest business secret that most people miss.

You can’t put your future in someone else’s hands and hope for the best. You’ve got to take charge.

That starts by understanding first the magic of words …and how if used properly they can persuade and influence people to write you a check or key in their credit card number.

Imagine not having to waste thousands of dollars on the incompetence of an agency or pull your hair out wondering why all that traffic to your website isn’t turning into as much profit as you hoped for … wouldn’t that be great? Learn more about Dan Lok’s High Ticket Copy Writing Program.

Occupation: Serial entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, Copywriter, Marketer
Dan Lok Net Worth In 2019: $81 million USD
He made his first million in 2008 when he was 27 years old.
His YouTube channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers
Published 15 books


Copy Writing With Dan Lok

The magic of copy writing – How to turn words into cash! 

So what exactly is Copywriting?

  • We are not talking about trade marks.
  • Copy writing is the skill of turning words into cash.
  • “Copywriting is salesmanship in print.”
  • Keyword is SALES: Writing with 1 purpose and that is to SELL.
  • Convincing, expressing value, persuading and motivating people to take action.

Dan Lok’s New Definition

“Copywriting is using the written word to start, enhance or extend a relationship with a customer that includes salesmanship (sales-womanship) in print.”

Sales is the #1 skill needed as an entrepreneur

Sales is a form of communication & Communication = Wealth.

This means the more people you communicate to & the more people you deliver value to, the more money you’re going to make.  The power of written words allows you to use leverage to sell without your physical presence. If you can’t sell forget about being a successful entrepreneur.

So why is copy writing important?

    • How does this relate to making money? Why not just sales?
    • Copywriting works all by itself 24/7. Even while you sleep.
    • You can make sales with out your physical presence.
    • When you do sales it’s one to one.
    • Copywriting allows you to influence people in a way that is scalable.
    • Out of ALL the skills in business, copywriting is one of the most valuable – and one of the least understood and least appreciated.
    • This is good news because you can learn it to dominate your competition.

Lets Talk About Why 95% Of Sales Copy Is Crap & Wont Make You Money.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they talk to much about themselves too much. It’s all about Me me me me….

I’ve been in business for 15 years
I’ve done all these things
Here’s why we are so good

Your customers don’t care about you at all.
If you start with that you’ve lost them. Most entrepreneurs write in a way where its all about their ego. Versus getting into your clients ego. Focus on their needs and problems. What are they looking for? 

Common Copy Writing Mistakes

  • Too many words
  • Too Complex
  • Boring to read
  • Tell doesn’t sell
  • Not targeted
  • Cookie cutter
  • Doesn’t give their clients criteria
  • Not using the same language the customer would use.

Cheap Copywriting Mindset

Why pay for something new? We will just use what we have.

So you spend $1000’s building a new website but wont take the time to look at the worlds you are using. What are you communicating? What’s your message? You will work on everything else because you forgot that your copy was written by your teenage nephew when you started the company 8 years ago.

Controlling Copy writing Mindset

Assuming your client knows as much as you do. Nobody knows your business as much as you do. Don’t assume that they know. You are not your customer.

Copy writing is not the kind of writing you learn in school.

Forget about what you learned in school. Copy is the spoken language in written form. Write the way you speak. You want it to be conversational.

Tip: Dealing with clients

What do you do when your client wants you to do it wrong?
What is your client paying you for? Results or design? Sometimes you can get resistance with clients when you believe in a different way.

You can say “Let’s not argue, let’s test this.”
Create 2 versions and test them. It’s easy with google analytics to see which page is getting better results. When you have their best interest at heart you can argue with them. It’s okay. Just because they give you money doesn’t mean they are always right. Sometimes they’re an idiot. That where your expertise comes in.

Benefits Vs Features:
The Crucial Key To Selling

Stress the benefits over the features.

A feature is what it is. A benifit is what it does for the customer.

Benefits are more powerful & important than features but they work nicely when you combine them.

Whats a benefit?
What it means for you the customer.
You need to tell your customers EXACTLY what that means for them.
How it will impact their life.

Whats a feature?

  • About the product.
  • What is does?
  • What’s included?
  • What will they get?
  • What options are available?
  • How is it designed?

How do you turn a feature into a benefit?
Ask a simple question. So what?
So that this is what it means for you….

Come up with at least 3 features for your business and turn them into benefits by asking “so what?”

F: On Call Industry Experts
B: With over 70 years combined experience our expert advice help you solve software issues in minutes.

F: 24 hour service
B: No matter what time it is, or where you are in the world there’s always someone available to offer you support for troubleshooting technical issues.

List every single benefit and feature you can on your product or service.  I can tell you right now your list will be too short because you are too close to your product. List out every single possible scenario. 

Create a long list of features first. Then ask yourself the question. So what? Then create a long list of benefits. Create 100’s of these from all possible angles. What’s important to one customer is not important to another.

F: This computer is really fast. Has an I core 7 processor.
B: So that when you play computer games you wont have to deal with loosing the game because the frame rate is lagging. 

Come up with a strong guarantee for what you do.

How can you make it more specific?
Make it more sexy than just a satisfaction guarantee.
What does that mean for the customer?

What if they are not satisfied?
Hire me to write your copy. If you are not 100% satisfied I will re write it up to 3 times till your happy guaranteed.

If you don’t like the project we will give your money back.
A return on investment guarenteed of what you paid for your online store in 1 year or I’ll make up the difference.

One is satisfaction / service the other is result based

Fed X Guarantee
When it absolutely needs to be there over night.

Beauty Product

Look & feel 10 years younger in 90 days or your money back.

The benefit behind the benefit. 

Going much deeper. What is that emotion I can trigger. 

EXAMPLE: Marketer Named Ted Nicholas
Was selling a stack of paper through display ads. At first he was telling people that these papers will help you incorporate your company on your own.

F: Legal Documents
B: How to incorporate your company on your own.

The ad worked okay but didn’t work as well as he thought. In the USA and Canada the real reason why you incorporate a company is because there are some tax advantages.

The Ultimate Tax Shelter

RESULT: He sold million and millions of dollars.

Most people don’t really know what they are actually selling or the business they are really in.

DOMINO’S PIZZA: Fresh hot pizza, delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s FREE!
They are selling speed.

The Proven Copywriting Formula

The 10 magic building blocks of sales copy that sells your products like crazy.












The purpose of the headline is not to sell it is to grab attention and get them to read the first paragraph. 

EXAMPLE: Why do people want to get into real estate?
Discover life changing career where you can control your schedule and determine the lifestyle for you and your family.
NOT: Want to attend our real estate class?

Write lots of headlines not just 1.
The more headlines you write the better. A good copywriter will often spends hours on a single headline. Scores of headlines will be discarded before the right one is selected.

You want headlines to be compelling, benefit driven, or you can spark curiosity. Sometimes you would use a big discount if that’s what your selling or credibility. Like endorsed by a certain celebrity.

The best place to find good headlines are the magazines on the check out stands at grocery stores.  Cosmopolitan, National Enquirer, men’s health. Some of the best headlines in the world.

Every year they just recycle the headlines because they work. This is a good place to get ideas for headlines.


How to ___________?

Discover ….

The secrets of …

State the claim as a question.
Who else wants to ______________?
Would you like to … Benefit

Insider secrets to … Benefit
Insider secrets to getting your real estate licence in the fastest way possible.

Make the subject newsy
People want to know what is new. This captures their attention.
Answer the question of whats new
New Discovery …

Good Headline Examples:

Secrets of speed hitting.
How to hit a man 11 times or more in 1 second or less and explode into action before he can even blink an eye.
– Martial Art Product In Black Belt Magazine

If you have ever wished you can

Live on a Caribbean island…

Don’t let envious nay sayers stop you. With our help you can successfully escape from freezing winters, crime, pollution, oil crises and mega stress. Weather you looking for a retirement haven or vacation home or business please read on.
– selling a vacation home.


  • Sets the criteria
  • What do your readers stand to gain from reading this?
  • Here’s what this web page is about.
  • Paint a vivid picture. Imagine…
  • Imagine setting up your own schedule and making more money on a single deal then you’re making in a whole year working for someone else …


  • This is where you stack up your credibility.
  • Why should people listen to you?
  • What is your expertise / experience?
  • What makes you different / better than your competition?
  • If you have a long history of being in business use that.
  • If you have a lot of happy customers and reviews use that.
  • If you have case studies use that.
  • If you have science backed research use that.
  • Use everything you can to boost your credibility. 
  • You can not have too much credibility. Everything you can use you should use it.


  • What am I going to gain by buying what you have?
  • How are you going to solve their problems?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the common objections customers have?
  • Anticipate and handle objections
  • You’re probably thinking…


  • Brief statement that identifies a single benefit
  • This is for lazy people that don’t want to read and for scanners.
  • Use you’re sexxyest information
  • Basically like mini headlines that summarize your main points
  • Combine Features with a benefit


  • Consumers today are more skeptical than ever. People have been ripped off too many times.
  • What other people say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you can say about yourself.
  • Look at infomercials. Sometimes the entire things is a testimonial.
  • Get LinkedIn recommendations!
  • What have other people experienced working with you?   
  • 3rd party verification that your product or services does what is supposed to do.
  • Video testimonials are better.
  • Written testimonials should have: A picture, full name, city, & Job title.
  • Are you collecting testimonials from your customers?
  • How many do you need? As many as you can. You want to have 1000s.


  • How is it worth the money?
  • Highlight the value to the offer
  • How can you make it a no brainer?
  • You can do this (Explain bad option) or our offer (make it sound better)

Option 1. You can give up on your dreams. But let’s be frank you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you wanted that. You’re here because you believe that you want a better career than the lifestyle you have now.

Option 2. You can study on your own. Tough and time consuming. Big textbooks.

Option 3. You can enroll in our course. Step by step.
Exactly what to expect…


  • Have a very clear call to action.
  • In the end how do you want them to buy.
  • What ever it is you need to make super clear and simple.
  • Is it booking a call with you? Is it setting up an appointment at the office? Click on this link to book a time with us today.


  • Melts through sales resistance.
  • Perfect for selling something that cost nothing to reproduce.
  • Like software or online programs.
  • Some people will rip you off but you will get so more sales easier.
  • If you refund rate is really high that means you need to improve your product / business.
    • SOFTWARE / PRODUCT: 30 day money back guarantee.
    • SERVICE: We will keep working on it until your 100% satisfied. Guaranteed.


Give them a deadline to take action

  • People love to procrastinate & then never end up buying.
  • Give them a reason to act now.
  • Why would they act right now.
  • Procrastination KILLS sales.

How will they lose out if they don’t buy now?

  • Only available for a limited time or limited quantity.
  • Price may increase or a special discount if you buy today.
  • Only 100 seats available. Tickets are running out.
  • Make it real don’t make stuff up that’s not true cause that destroys customers trust
  • Contest ends soon!

Eliminate All Objections 

Design your FAQ to demolish objections.

Answer all the questions that people might have that could stop them from buying your product. Handel them one by one.

How do I know this works? What if it doesn’t work.
Don’t worry. Every single product we have is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try it and don’t like it within 30 days you can take it back to get all your money back. By the way check out this link and see what 2567 customers think about our product.

Can I wait 30 days to buy?
Well you could but however this offer is only avalable for …

Magic Words That Sell & What Words To Avoid


Make any general statements as specific as possible. 

Instead of stating I made over $5000 last month. Say I made $5769.03 last month. This carries more credibility and is more believable.

Instead of saying I sold a lot of houses last year, say I sold 53 homes in 2016 in the Greater Vancouver Area.

CEO’s and doctors are busy, they don’t have time to read your 100 page plan. Keep your words simple. Your not using complicated words to show how smart you are to impress them.  Just because they’re a CEO don’t assume they’re smart.

The first step is to grab their attention and get through their skeptical mind.

A pile B pile theory: People sort their direct mail next to the garbage can. Are first job is not to make sure you buy. Its to make sure we don’t end up in the garbage can. Use a personal letter with a handwritten envelope. Looks like its coming from a friend.

Write In Active Voice Not Passive Voice

Passive: When this link is clicked an email will be sent to your inbox.
Active: When YOU click this link YOU will be sent an email.

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