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Green Marketing Case Study

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Regional Recycling is our favorite Green Marketing case study.

The recycling world can be complicated and hard for customers to understand. Rules are constantly changing as markets fluctuate.

The client was consumed with 100s of emails every single day from customers asking questions. Can I recycle this item? Does it cost money to recycle my fridge? What items do I get a refund for? It was endless and costly when it come to labor.

We redesigned the site to make it simpler for customers to understand and answer some of the most common questions at a glance.

With the advanced search functionality, customers can easily type items in to see what is accepted.


Ranked their website in google for over 100 keywords.

Average of 34,908 website visitors per month.

Website Design & Development

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Green Marketing Case Study

Our starting point was creating a modern makeover for Regional Recycling’s beloved mascot Regi. Then on to the logo with a fresh, clean look. From there we created new vector icons for each category of recyclables.

We also integrated a Google Maps application to pinpoint each location, and implemented the best SEO and keyword strategies to maximize accessibility.

Finally, we designed a full print campaign to match the website, customized for each location.

Regional Recycling stands as a powerful network of sustainable recycling depots. They are an industry leader and now have a brand that truly reflects their status in the industry.

Now their customers can easily access their many programs and services through a user-friendly website. 

Green Marketing & Branding Case Study

The company has an easy way to stay actively connected with their community through their well establish social media channels.

They also have all the print resources they need to keep customers informed.

Most importantly, the Regional Recycling brand is well-positioned to grow and evolve in step with the industry and the sustainability movement.

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Digital Signage Animations

We set up a network of digital signs across all 8 Regional Recycling locations. They play short animated videos that inform the viewers about products accepted, contests we run and promote their website and social media channels.

These videos and animations grab customers attention while they wait in line. We’ve found this to be a great way to get our messages across to customers as their eyes always end up staring at our big screen TV’s. This also makes it easy to update the signage as the recycling world is always changing.

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Recycling Contests & Advertising Campaigns:

We created a viral battery recycling contest by teaming up with Call 2 Recycle. Customers were excited to be entered into a draw to win $100 gift cards. Between all the recycling depots, battery recycling increased by an average of 712%. Their Abbotsford location had a whopping increase of 8506%.The contest was so successful we were able to partner up with other recycling companies to run more contests and share costs.

Recycling Contests & Advertising Campaigns

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